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Elite (Eagle Elite, #1)

Elite (Eagle Elite, #1) - Rachel Van Dyken

I loved this book. It started off a bit slow, but once it got going, I could not put it down. My mind started conjuring up different scenarios while trying to figure out what really was going on. Towards the beginning, I actually started wondering if I was accidentally reading a different genre than I’d intended, but thankfully, that wasn’t the case.


Upon arriving at Eagle Elite, Trace realized nothing was what it seemed, and she was right, only she had no idea to what extent! It was as if she’d entered an alternate universe. Everyone there was extremely wealthy; yet, they were all—including the dean and staff—essentially puppets to the Elect, who were ruled by the one and only Nixon Abandonato. At one point, Trace wittily pronounced “Gossip Girl had nothing on this school.”


The characters in this book were great. I either loved them or hated them. Trace Rooks, was an orphan who’d been raised by her grandparents on a ranch in Wyoming where she led a sheltered life; and therefore, was incredibly innocent and naïve. Nixon Abandonato was a tattooed and pierced bad-boy who was not only insanely hot, but also fiercely protective, loyal, and caring; yet, he could also be cruel and domineering. Monroe Abandonato was Nixon’s twin sister and Trace’s roommate. She took Trace under her wing and the two became insta-friends. She was beautiful, generous, and a genuinely good person. Chase Winter was another hottie, as well as, Nixon and Monroe’s cousin and a member of the Elect. He was sweet, protective, and extremely loyal—that was, if you were on his good side, if not, he could be downright scary. Tex was Monroe’s boyfriend and another member of the Elect. Phoenix De Lange was the dean’s son and in short, quite vile.


At 65%, Trace’s grandfather appeared at the school and in one line; set the stage for the rest of the book. “Everything you’ve ever known… is about to change.” In my opinion, this was when the story REALLY got good.


Rachel Van Dyken left us with a perfect set-up for the highly anticipated sequel Elect.


“Whoever said life was boring clearly didn’t go to Eagle Elite.”