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The Hard Bounce - Todd Robinson

The Hard Bounce was a cleverly written book with equal parts grit and humor. It did touch upon some darker themes, but Robinson didn’t delve into them too deeply. Instead, he focused more on the characters, especially Boo Malone—the emotionally scarred thug, with a heart of gold.


Boo and his best friend Junior were bouncers at The Cellar, a dive in Boston’s Kenmore Square. It was there that we’re introduced to the bar’s colorful regulars and staff. Robinson had a unique ability to make even the seediest of characters likable. He portrayed the characters so realistically that you could almost imagine this rambunctious crowd in your local hole in the wall.


The plot was definitely character driven and at times, I questioned if there were loose references to a notorious Bostonian or two. It was an enjoyable read that was filled with believable relationships and situations, as well as, dialogue that was heartfelt and banter that was just downright funny.


*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.