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Come Alive (The Cityscape, #2) - Jessica Hawkins

Come Alive was the equivalent to riding one long-ass, angst-ridden roller coaster. My equilibrium’s still off.


Okay, here’s the deal. I could sympathize with Olivia. Even if I didn’t condone her behavior, I felt for her and wanted to see her get her HEA. Olivia was a damaged young woman who was scared of taking the huge step in following her heart by stepping out of her comfort zone; and subsequently, ending her marriage. Although, I could actually see someone behaving as she did, under such circumstances, enough-was-a-freaking-nough. I just wanted to scream at her to open her goddamn eyes. It was painfully obvious that her constant back and forth, like a freaking pendulum, was making all three of them MISERABLE, even borderline insane, especially after she unburdened herself and told Bill about her infidelity.


Did I think she should stay with Bill? Hell, NO. Yes, she loved him, but she was never IN-LOVE with him and there’s a huge difference. The fact was, their arrangement worked for them both. Well, at least until Olivia met David. He awoke something inside of her that had been dormant since she was just a girl. Her marriage with Bill lacked emotions—they were too complicated and messy—and in reality, was just a comfortable companionship. With David, she started to actually feel again. He ripped the lid off Pandora’s Box, rescuing her and consequentially freeing her. There was no going back after that…


This was a story about friendships, commitments, loves, obligations, letting go, moving forward and truly living.


*Copy was kindly provided by the author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.