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The Cartel - A.K. Alexander

The Cartel began in 1969 and followed the lives of the Espinoza and Rodriguez families over 30-years. Antonio Espinoza “was the head of one of the wealthiest and largest coffee plantation families in Columbia. He’d taken over the empire at a young age, following the deaths of his mother and father in a boating accident. Antonio had expanded that empire by also dabbling in illegal businesses, in which Javier” Rodriguez was his partner.


By day, Javier was the governor of Jalisco—a state in central Mexico on the Pacific coast—whose political affiliations and wealth, compounded by widespread corruption enabled Javier and Antonio to run an extremely lucrative organization. Not only were these two men business partners, but they’d been close friends since childhood. Throughout the years, they continually sought to expand—their territories, profits and power—subsequentially gaining themselves many enemies.


The story built slowly and was filled with sorrow, pain, jealousy, greed, lies, betrayal, grudges, and vendettas, as well as love, family, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, and ultimately second chances. In this world of organized crime, drugs, and corruption, loyalties were constantly tested and no one came out unscathed.


After reading the synopsis, I thought this story held so much promise. However, I hate to say it, but I was disappointed. My main issue was that I wasn’t emotionally invested in the story because I didn’t have any strong emotional connections to the characters and unfortunately, that is a big must for me.


*I was provided with a free copy courtesy of NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.