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A Happy Accident - Evan Tyler

A Happy Accident, by Evan Taylor evoked so many emotions in me. I wanted to hate it, but I simply couldn’t. It was a beautiful yet, tragic story of true love, friendship, sacrifice, self-discovery, loss—you name it, it is in this book yanking at your heartstrings.


It was 1979 and The Dare an American rock band moved to Manchester, England looking to make it big. While playing at Rory’s - a bar where the beautiful and feisty Kindle Hyrum waitressed, the front man—Bobby Carter—decided to listen to his instincts and after some relentless pestering (on his part) was married to the cheeky Kindle within a couple of days. Despite their haste, the chemistry and subsequent love between the two was great and built slowly making their relationship believable and truly a pleasure to read. Unfortunately, complications began to arise—temptations, commitments, first loves, relentless blondes—all testing the young couples true, enduring love.


“I just think that sometimes what you’re willing to give up gives weight and substance to your love. Sacrifice weighs more than kind words.”


I don’t want to give too much away because this is seriously an absolute must read. Regardless, no words can justly convey what Evan Tyler has created... I cannot wait for A Blind Choice, the second installment of this trilogy.


Btw, this is an absolute freaking steal for just $0.99 on Amazon!


*I was provided a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.*