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Undeniable (Undeniable, #1) - Madeline Sheehan

***I apologize in advance for the frequent use of the f-bomb amongst others in this review. They were kind of unavoidable given their frequent use throughout the book.***



I was hesitant to read this book for the longest time, but I’m so glad that I finally did. Undeniable was a fast-pace, tragic love story. Every character in this book was f*cking crazy. The only question was, just how crazy. It made for a highly entertaining read with lots of drama. This was one of those books where I found myself laughing, then crying, and in the next second, I was laughing through my tears. I love any book that can evoke that much emotion from me.


One issue I had was the age difference. 18-freaking years! This didn’t bother me so much once they were older, but things started heating up when Eva was only 16, which made Deuce 34—he was over double her age.


“’It’s not like that,’ Deuce muttered, feeling strangely embarrassed. ‘Got nothin’ to do with her age. Never has. Been likin’ her since she was just a kid, and now her bein’ a woman, my cock likes her, too. But it’s never been ‘bout her age. Straight up, it’s always been just ‘bout her.’”


Eva Fox “wasn’t just another biker brat; she was the biker brat. ...the princess of the Silver Demon MC.” She was smart, beautiful, sexy, sweet, yet still tough; and she was born and raised in the life. She was absolutely friggin perfect for Deuce.


Deuce West was the lethal President of the Hell’s Horsemen MC—a sexy, dominant, bad tempered, possessive, womanizer; who had a soft-heart and only loved one woman, no matter how hard he tried not to. Yep, Eva F*ckin’ Fox.


“Please let me go.”

“His nostril flared. ‘Let you go?’ He hissed. ‘Let you f*ckin’ go?’”

“’…Been tryin’ to let you go, been tryin’ for f*ckin’ years,’ he said roughly.

‘Haven’t figured out how yet.’”


Sigh, these two had so many close calls. Just when you thought they’d finally gotten it together, something else happened—usually Deuce’s dick landed in the wrong …hands. Yet, I somehow still loved him. He could be a mean bastard, but this was all he knew. He had never been in love before Eva, and he didn’t know how to deal with these kinds of emotions, how to make compromises—give her a piece of the club—and still keep his MC in order. “Christ. He would not rearrange his whole f*cking life for some bitch just because he had some f*cked-up obsession with her.” So, he self-sabotaged…


“The last time I saw you, you were getting your dick sucked by a club whore and trying to make out with me at the same time! The time before that I found you in the kitchen with a half-naked whore on your lap only a few hours after you f*cked me!”


Following their relationship was like riding a f*cked up roller coaster. Neither knew the first thing about a normal relationship because f*cked up was all they ever knew. “…it wasn’t easy. Nothing worth doing ever is. And love is worth everything.”
“I am Preacher’s little girl. And I’m gonna be just like him when I grow up.
I’m gonna have a Fatboy, but I want mine to be sparkly, and I want a pink helmet with skulls on it. And instead of being the club President, I’m gonna be the club Queen ‘cause I’m gonna marry the biggest, scariest biker in the whole world, and he’s gonna let me do whatever I want because he’s gonna love me like crazy.”
Deuce turned and looked at the 5-year old Eva and whispered “I’m gonna hold you to that.” And the rest was history…