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Block 24 - Evan Tyler

BLOCK 24, by Evan Tyler was an amazing read that was so exceptional I’m having a hard time thinking of words that could possibly do it justice. It was unique, but at the same time, so raw and realistic that NO ONE could read this book and walk away without feeling a multitude of emotions. I felt a whole freaking gamut from sadness, to sympathy, hatred, disgust, remorse, annoyance, happiness, outrage, amazement – God, I could go on and on… Any book that can evoke that much emotion from its reader, proves that the author did their job; and I’d say that Ms. Tyler definitely went above and beyond with this book.


There were so many wonderful characters, but my absolute favorite was Adina—a.k.a. Adi or Bubbe. She was so strong, courageous, and most importantly - a survivor; I could only aspire to be half the woman that she was. We were introduced to Adi while she and her family were living in the Lodz ghetto in Poland. Soon after, the Nazis came and took Adi and her sister Avigail—a.k.a. Avi or Tante—to the infamous concentration camp, Auschwitz. There the two met another truly wonderful character Hans who was an SS. He looked after and protected the sisters even to his own detriment. He truly was a magnificent man disguised in devil’s clothes.


There were parallel stories. That of Bubbe’s misguided granddaughter, Natalie, and of Bubbe herself, who was reliving her past on film to her granddaughter Julia. Their contrasting stories effectively demonstrated the differences between the two women and illustrated the old adage “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


BLOCK 24, was heart wrenching, yet at the same time heartwarming and through Bubbe, it left me feeling grateful and inspired. Evan’s writing style was just as unique as her storyline. It was descriptive, but not over the top. In short, it was simply beautiful. I highly recommend this book to anyone. Just a quick warning though, there were some non-con scenes that were disturbing, yet not overly graphic. I did feel they were necessary to the storyline and were handled respectfully.