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Crush  - Nicole  Williams

Crush opened with Jude realizing his dreams...


“He’d done it.

He hadn’t only done it;

he’d been a first-round draft pick.

From troubled repeat felon to one of

the most sought after and… one of the

highest-paid football players in the country.”


He was ecstatic. Not only was he playing for his first choice team, the San Diego Chargers, but now that he was signing a three-year seven-figure contract, he could finally take care of his Luce. Finally give her a life that she deserved.


”I want to make you happy, Luce. That’s all I give a damn about.”


But was Lucy truly happy for him? No.


Just like in Clash, I wanted to smack the shit out of Lucy, on numerous occasions. I just didn’t understand what her problem REALLY was. Frankly, I thought she was extremely selfish and self-centered; too caught up in her own dreams and what she had to achieve in order to—now this was what I didn’t get. Did she feel the need to prove herself to someone, herself, society—what? I really didn’t get it! I just couldn’t get in her head. What I did know was that Lucy saw the pain and insecurities that her actions caused Jude; yet, she still did not throw the poor bastard a bone!


Now Jude, he was a completely different story. I freaking loved him. In Clash he was amazing. It was evident, how hard he was trying to become a better man for Lucy. Apparently, he never stopped trying because by the time we saw him again in Crush he’d become beyond incredible.


“…I do have a contract. For three years.

If at the end of that, you want me to quit so

we can spend the next thirty moving from

one dance mecca to the next, that’s what I’ll do.”


My heart was in my throat. He was completely selfless. Lucy was even flabbergasted by Jude’s offer. She couldn’t believe that he’d give up his dream for her.


“Baby, football isn’t my dream… You are.”


I mean, come on! Jude had grown and become the perfect man. Hell yeah, he still made mistakes, but no one is perfect—NO ONE! All he knew was that he wanted to wake up every morning with his Luce by his side and take care of her for the rest of his life—everything else was just semantics.


Honestly, I don’t even know how to rate this book. Lucy pissed me off that much. Jude on the other hand was completely swoon-worthy. The secondary characters were also great, especially LJ—just loved him.