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Clash - Nicole  Williams

Well, if we thought Jude and Lucy’s relationship was tested in Crash, we hadn’t seen anything yet. In Clash, Lucy and Jude both had grown so much; however for a while there, I seriously wanted to smack the shit out of Lucy—many times, in fact.


She became completely fixated on all of the reasons why she and Jude shouldn’t be together, so much so, that she lost sight of all the reasons why they ought to be. She naïvely didn’t understand that love is not easy and that relationships actually require work, dedication, communication, loyalty, trust, simply - total commitment. Furthermore, relationships could experience highs and lows, especially when dealing with two intensely passionate and emotional individuals, which Lucy and Jude most definitely were. Even with all of Lucy’s complaints about these issues and claiming that she needed a ‘break’ from Jude, she still couldn’t stay away from him. She selfishly kept going back despite the fact that she was still wishy-washy regarding their relationship.


“You want time? You want space? Fine. I gave that to you. But then you keep throwing yourself back into my life whenever the hell you choose. No warning. No apology. No permanence. You show up at my front door and sneak out the back without so much as a goodbye… You couldn’t take the up and down. The rollercoaster was going to kill you. You know what I can’t take? You in and back out of my life before I even knew you were there in the first place. You looking at me the way you are now and then able to turn your back and walk away five minutes later. …That is what will kill me.”


I loved Jude in this book. Did he still have flaws? Absolutely. However, he REALLY put a lot of effort into becoming a better man and that was evident. He became an amazing boyfriend who put Lucy’s needs above his own. He was caring, supportive, fiercely protective, loyal, and absolutely 100% in love with Lucy. Honestly, I started to feel bad for him. I started thinking that Lucy didn’t deserve him. Especially after…


...the airport scene. She was so unbelievably cruel. I was already getting extremely annoyed with her by that point, but then how she handled that whole situation, she killed any possibility of redemption in my eyes. I mean seriously. I can’t even believe that she had the audacity to think that Jude would still want her back after that. In my eyes, she went from being a selfish, bitch to being a selfish, cold-hearted bitch. And I really think I’m being nice here.


Lucy FINALLY saw the light, she realized having Jude in her life was worth enduring any hardships that they might encounter as long as they're together. “I’m done leaving. I’m done questioning if we can do this thing, Jude.”


Even though Lucy annoyed me, this was still a quick, enjoyable read.