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Kara the Book'aholic

I'm a mother, lifelong-student, avid reader, and reviewer. I'll give pretty much anything a shot, but my guilty pleasure is romance, especially if it's dark and full of suspense.

Blue Rose in Chelsea - Adriana Devoy

“The universe formed when stars exploded, and Evan and I are formed from the same star.”


Blue Rose in Chelsea by Adriana Devoy took me by complete surprise. It is a profound story of self-discovery, true-unyielding love, obligations, self-sacrifice, as well as the importance of true friendships and devotion to ones family. It demonstrates how fate can be cruel, but in the end… well, you will just have to read it and see for yourself ;)  Seriously though, this is an amazing read, full of literary references, wonderfully well-rounded characters, and brilliant dialogue. Highly recommended.