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Documentary (Documentary, #1) - A.J. Sand

I FREAKING LOVED everything about Documentary. I want to meet and be taken into the inner-circle of these amazing friends. I fell in love - hard. Not just with Kai…but yeah, he was scrumptious. But with all of them. Sadly, I can’t get into all of the characters because this would turn into the longest review ever. However, Kai—holy smokes—I actually crushed on him *blushing* Well, Kai... was sort of an enigma. He was nothing like the public perceived him—‘Kamikaze Kai’—a hotheaded, bad boy, womanizing whore who was on self-destruct mode. In actuality though, he was loyal, sweet, and fiercely protective. Did I mention that he was an incredibly sexy musician and a surfer too? Yep—I crushed REALLY hard.


The chemistry between Kai and Dylan was amazing and just a pleasure to read. The two actually enjoyed each other’s company even OUT OF BED—imagine? “I’ve missed holding you and kissing you, but I’ve just missed talking to you.”


The banter throughout this book was pure genius. The incredible friendships—well, imagine a group of friends that were so close and supportive that they were more like a self-made family—that is the best way to describe the dynamic as a whole. This book has it all: a great story line, amusing dialogue, amazingly rounded characters, drama, steam, humor, angst, a mystery…I could go on and on, but I won’t. Seriously, just buy it already. I promise you won’t be disappointed.