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I'm a mother, lifelong-student, avid reader, and reviewer. I'll give pretty much anything a shot, but my guilty pleasure is romance, especially if it's dark and full of suspense.

The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1) - Alice Clayton

I have been reading some seriously angsty books lately, so this was exactly what I needed. The Unidentified Redhead was a light, entertaining read with a funny as all hell heroine and a smoking hot hero. The banter between Grace and—pretty much anyone she came into contact with—her best friend Holly and her newly appointed tryst, Jack was freaking hilarious.


Jack was a gorgeous 24-year old Brit who had somewhat recently relocated to LA and was the new ‘it boy’. Grace was a 33-year old actor who was still trying to catch her first break. Their connection was immediate. The two became insta-friends served up with a healthy dose of steam. Their chemistry was freaking HOT, HOT, HOT. As their relationship quickly blossomed, Grace finally caught her first break. The catch—she needed to relocate to NYC. Unbeknownst to them, their tryst had become something more—much more. They had both fallen for one another. The big question is, can their relationship hold up to the pressures of the business, especially while living 3,000-miles apart? I’m off to find out in the sequel, The Redhead Revealed


I recommend this book to anyone. It is a hysterical read that is sure to have you laughing out loud.