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Kade (Resisting Love, #2) - Dawn Martens,  Chantal Fernando I was SO looking forward to this book! But, I have to be completely honest. I was disappointed. I didn’t feel that high entertainment factor that sucked me in until the very end of Chase. Despite its inconsistencies and gahhh, so many typos I still pushed through, because I fell in love with the characters, especially Kade and James, and the dialogue absolutely rocked! So… I was hoping to fall even further in love with these amazing characters and to be entertained, once again, by the hilarious banter and sweet conversations I grew to love and expect from these authors. Unfortunately, I just didn’t feel it in Kade. Even though the story was good, it was lacking in comparison to Chase, it read like a rough draft, and had an amateurish quality to it, which surprised me since I didn’t walk away from Chase with that impression, even with all of its distractions. The most glaring examples of this were when Nikki exclaimed, “That's right, I'm Canadian, bitches!” OR what may be the worst offense of all, was when the author spoke to the reader! I shit you not!”Now, girls, I know you’re probably cussing me out right now, and yes, Kade’s hair is hot. But I think with short hair, he’ll look even sexier.”I mean, seriously. Isn’t that a cardinal rule or something? If not, it should be! DO. NOT. TALK. TO. THE. READER. EVER!The use of repetition was brutal throughout this book. I became quite annoyed while reading numerous chapters that began with some variation of “It’s Sunday and we’re bored…” It was so bad that I stopped reading after the third consecutive chapter because I thought I must have been reading the same thing over again! But nope, I wasn’t. The repeated use of the saidisms; growling, grumbling, yelling, mumbling, and rumbling and their various forms were seriously distracting! And God! The excessive cutting and pasting of dialogue from Chase AND/OR the previous chapter with each change of POV annoyed the ever-living piss out of me! I mean come on! Were they trying to beef up the word count or something? At times, it seriously took up a significant portion of the chapter and it DIDN’T add anything to the story AT ALL. If anything, it detracted from it.The timeline and pacing were off. This was blatantly seen with the length of Kade and Nikki's relationship. In Chapter TWENTY, Nikki stated that she and Kade had been together for “a few months.” Then in Chapter TWENTY-EIGHT, Nikki and Kade went out to celebrate their three-month anniversary. Now we seem to rewind, because at the beginning of Chapter TWENTY-NINE, Nikki stated that she and Kade had been together for “a couple of months.” Finally, in Chapter THIRTY-SEVEN, they’ve “officially been a couple for nine months.” Huh? I don’t really know what to say. I hate writing negative reviews. While the typos and inconsistencies in Chase sucked, the writing style was far superior. However, the editing was hands down better in Kade. But, Kade just didn’t grab me in the same way that Chase did. Now, on to some positives! I thought the prologue was really strong and it got me super excited to dive into this book. I found it refreshing that while the events occurred during the same time-frame as those in Chase it was Kade and Nikki’s backstory—all new information—that I’d been dying to know! Also, James… He’s even more mysterious and appealing than before, which I didn’t think was even possible! I loved how loyal, loving, and kind he was with his family; yet, there’s another side to him that we just got a few glimpses of. Nikki described him perfectly with the quote “still waters run deep.” So, needless to say, I am really looking forward to the rest of this series, especially James! I’m dying to find out his secret(s)! I think it’s safe to say that he’s not a FBI agent, cross dresser, male stripper, spy, underground fighter, or that he has a secret family. Well, unless the authors are REALLY trying to mess with us! Again, this was a good book, I was just hoping for so much more… Regardless, I have really high hopes for Ryder, James, and Derek!