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I'm a mother, lifelong-student, avid reader, and reviewer. I'll give pretty much anything a shot, but my guilty pleasure is romance, especially if it's dark and full of suspense.

Love, Carry My Bags - C.R. Everett

This was an extremely slow moving book in which the heroine, Camryn, seemed to be faced with one ordeal or loss after the other. The reader was able to witness the transformation these events had on her and her life. At times, it seemed painfully realistic while during others it seemed farfetched.


It was a second chance, tragic romance that was unlike any I had previously read. Despite this, I struggled on numerous occasions not to DNF it. In the end, I’m glad that I stuck it out, only to know how it ended. I would only recommend this to an extremely patient fan of coming of age stories.


*Copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.