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True - Erin McCarthy

I have mixed emotions about True. I wish we weren’t left with so many loose ends because the story had so much potential. While this was the same old NA—while away at college a virgin good-girl meets and falls in love with a tattooed bad-boy—it did offer a glimpse at addiction and the toll that it takes, not only on the addict, but on the family as well. Tyler Mann was a tattooed bad-boy with a heart of gold that grew up under some horrible circumstances. We got an inside look at his dysfunctional family and just as I did, you will fall in love with the Mann brothers. They are what made TRUE, truly worth reading.


Tyler, of course, was an extremely hot, bad-boy with tattoos that smoked and drank A LOT. Despite all of that, he truly cared for his family, in every sense of the word, and that quality was what made him irresistible. Tyler had three brothers; Riley, U (a.k.a. Jayden), and Easton. Together their names spelled TRUE and these brothers were a “TRUE Family.” I loved them all! Tyler was kind, caring, and fiercely protective. Riley was similar to Tyler; however, he had a hard time expressing his feelings. Jayden was incredibly sweet, honest, determined, and at times, downright funny. Easton was a bit of a mystery because he was extremely introverted, but he was kind just like all of the Mann brothers.


Another aspect that I liked about this book was that Tyler and Rory were honest with one another regarding their feelings, and therefore, there really wasn’t any long drawn out angst. There were no games. That in itself was refreshing. Even though their romance progressed quickly, it was still believable since it wasn’t your typical insta-love. Tyler and Rory were simply two people from vastly different backgrounds who found a special connection with one another—someone who truly understood and appreciated them for them—that wasn’t based purely on physical attraction.


“You know why we get along, Rory?” “Why?”

“Because we both see beyond what other people

see about us. We both know that sometimes the

best things are below the surface.”


While I liked the premise of this story, I don’t feel that it was executed properly. There were WAY TOO MANY loose ends and the ending was abrupt. I realize there will be a sequel, which focuses on Riley and Jessica (Rory’s roommate), but there was just too much left unresolved.


*ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for honest review.