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A Moment (Moments, #1)

A Moment (Moments, #1) - Marie Hall

A Moment by Marie Hall was an emotional read that had so much potential, but unfortunately it just didn’t quite realize it. It had a great storyline, as well as wonderful characters; yet, there were also random subplots thrown in that were never mentioned again or simply didn’t add anything to the story. Ultimately, there were just too many loose ends and questions left unresolved, leaving me feeling unsatisfied and at the end of the book, my first thought was …WHY!?! It could have been so freaking good! Who am I kidding, that’s all I’m still thinking!


Our hero, Ryan was a beautifully tragic soul who couldn’t escape the demons of his past. Upon turning eighteen, he tried to flee by joining the Marines—hoping the distance would set him free. However, once again, the darkness took over and Ryan found himself living back in Austin with his cousin Alex—who btw, I absolutely adored! Each day was a struggle, but Ryan soldiered on. Though, every year on the same date, Ryan would completely surrender to his personal hell while drowning himself in alcohol. It was on this date that he met our beautiful heroine, Liliana who just happened to be harboring secrets of her own. There was an instant attraction between the two, but neither acted on them, well at least not right away… As the story progressed, both Ryan and Lili found it more and more difficult to stay away from one another; and despite the initial delay, their relationship developed rather quickly.


This was a story about the challenges of facing ones demons and the risks that must be taken in order to move forward. It was heart wrenching, but at the same time heartwarming and left you yearning to see these two to get their HEA.


It really was a wonderful story that I’d recommend to anyone. It just had the potential to be so much more…


*Copy was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.