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HDU (HDU, #1)

HDU (HDU, #1) - India Lee

HDU by India Lee, won me over as soon as I read, “This douchelord makes hating easy! And borderline fun. Okay, just plain fun.” Did I mention that was at 0% read according to my Kindle? Yeah, I’d say it was pretty much insta-love.


So, we start off with a miserable Amanda Nathan who just lost her boyfriend, best friend, job, home, and I’d say basically all her self-worth by the time she retreated back to her parents’ home in small town Missouri. She found her only solace, while holed-up in her childhood bedroom, working as a moderator for HDU—a celebrity ‘news’ site. One of her favorite parts of being a moderator? …wielding insults at “the misogynistic evil that is Liam Brody,” (a.k.a. the ‘douchelord’).


Approximately 3-months after her return home, Amanda received an email from the douchelord himself, which contained an interesting proposal that he ended by telling her to name her price. Her price? In short, Amanda was moving to NYC as the faux girlfriend of the infamous actor Liam Brody.


The dynamic between the two was amazing. The banter was just downright entertaining. Then, Amanda meets her celebrity crush who she had lusted after since her adolescence. After a few encounters it was obvious that there’s a mutual attraction. I’ll admit the author had me sweating it out there for a bit. I won’t say how it ends, but thank you India Lee you had me worried.


If you like a light, entertaining book that has its fair share of drama, manipulation, and deceit, but also humor, wit, and loyalty—this is a definite must read!


I can’t wait for HDU 2! I want to see what Lee has in store for all of the characters, but especially Amanda, Liam, Ian, Casey, and Megan.